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    Any belief or method that is being used to fuel denial is by definition an enemy to awakening, enlightenment, awareness and expansion.

    He who copes with the world the best is often the one who will do the very least to change it.  Instead, he will do the very most to teach everyone else how to cope with it.

    The dream that will not die in me is the dream of creating a world that people do not have to cope with.

    We, as people, go to every corner of the globe trying to find out what is wrong with us.  Then we go to every corner of the globe trying to find out how we can make ourselves better.  And it never really works.  And so we go to every corner of the globe trying to figure out why it isn’t working.  When the reason it isn’t working is that the only thing that is wrong with us… Is that we think there is something wrong with us.

    If you are unhappy, look at the things you do every day.  You can’t do the same things every day and get different results in terms of how you feel.  So do different things.  If you do different things every day, you will start to see different results.

    In order to integrate something, heal it, or move beyond it, we must first own or claim it.  Whatever we cannot own or claim within us, we will project onto others.

    You will start living a life that is worth living for, as soon as you start thinking and saying and doing things that are worthy of your life

    The 28th of October Marks the end of one of the harmonic wave shifts leading up to the complete frequency shift within the universe (the 9th to be exact). Old ways are dissolving, giving birth to the next evolutionary level of the third dimension. So if you feel like your life is falling apart, you are not alone and you are just experiencing the ground-lessness of huge change. Focus on what you want this life to look like and the gifts you intended to bring to this world. Let all of the rest of it go. Things should settle a bit in the weeks to follow!

    If you aren't controversial, you aren't yet being yourself
    The only things you can lose are things that you have to lose in order to find something infinitely more valuable.