• Poetry


    A poem Teal wrote about the nature of oneness and fragmentation within the universe. 

    Only Love

    A poem Teal wrote about integration, which is realized through love, being the only way to end the war between good and evil.


    A poem about how sunlight can dissolve emotional angst and cause the awareness that an external light source can mirror the fact that there is always an inner light never goes out and is ever shining through the being.

    A Child's Voice

    A poem in which Teal speaks about the path of awakening to love by virtue of taking the indirect advice given by the way a child lives. This poem explains that to love, one must move beyond fear and the walls we build to try to keep ourselves safe by embracing fear and the walls we build to keep ourselves safe.

    Forever Smile

    An uplifting poem written by Teal during a 'dark night of the soul' about the way that pleasure is truly known when contrasted by pain.

    The World My Father

    A poem Teal wrote after performing a symbolic ceremony alone where she wrote her father a letter and burned it as an act of closure during the wintertime.

    Flame and Ash

    A poem written after an intense inner-chid work experience; in which Teal enabled herself to move from the vibration of powerlessness and grief into a higher vibration by mentally setting fire to her childhood town.